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  • Royal kush wax crumble

    Royal Kush Wax, Potent hybrid effects in a crumbled form.
    THC: 69.00 CBD: 1.30

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  • silver calyx

    Silver Calyx by Calyx Garden is a balanced hybrid created from potent and popular genetics. This strain is a cross of Grape Calyx and a rogue seed found in a GG#4 bag. The sticky, trichome laden exterior makes Silver Calyx an apt name for this pungent flower. It has a classic GG#4 aroma full of earth and skunk but also has a distant, sweet berry undertone. Utilize Silver Calyx to help stave off headaches, minor physical discomfort, and insomnia

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  • Skywalker OG Clear Concentrate

    Clear, bright color with an excellent aroma and strong, yet smooth OG flavor, this concentrate will relax your body and your mind!
    THC: 81.60 CBD: 1.60 CBN: 1.20

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  • Sokind cookies

    SoKind Cookies
    Sokind was started back in 2008. Most of the edibles available then were inconsistent. Sometimes they were Strong, most of the time a rip off. Despite our previous lack of experience in the kitchen, culinary arts or whatever, We have spent the past 6 years studying, learning through trial and error to provide you with the most potent, consistent and best tasting medicated edible that your hard earned money deserves. Oh yea, and we also do little decorating on the cookies.

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  • Sour Diesel


    Strain Name: Sour Diesel
    Grade: A
    Type: 90% sativa, 10% indica
    Looks: Light green with a lot of orange hairs (10/10)

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  • SSD wax

    Super Sour Diesel, Mellow and euphoric Sativa.
    THC: 64.00 CBD: 1.30

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  • Sale! Sunset Sherbet

    Sunset Sherbet

    $510.00 $400.00

    Sunset Sherbet exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy

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