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This strain is recommended for consumers looking for powerful physical effects as well as an intense cerebral lift. The flowers are frosty with a purple hue and reddish hairs, giving off a light aroma. Looks: Looks like tightly packed green balls engulfed by a mass of fuzzy orange hairs. Really fluffy, I can stuff a pillow full of it to sleep.

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This unique indica-dominant strain appropriately channels the President’s famous message of “Change” as it invigorates and inspires. A cross between Afghani and OG Kush, Obama Kush offers cerebral stimulation and a euphoric rush.

Obama Kush looks as though they are green balls that are surrounded by orange hair. It is quite fluffy and is an indica dominated strain with a 65:35 indica/sativa ratio. Additionally, it has a 14-21% THC level and smells pungent and sweet with a hint of pine, but is quite exquisite at the same time. What is really interesting is that it can easily be identified from any other strain if you have smoked it before. As for the taste, it is indescribable. It is earthly and has a light kush taste, but is a bit more rare and airy. Its high easily lasts for more than two hours and is top notch. Not only is it nice and smooth but it is clean, which is quite rare. Even though you will feel a mellow impact, you will not have to worry about experiencing paranoia that is usually the case with other similar strains. It is safe to say it is transcendental as you will be bursting with new ideas. If you are particularly fond of music and have an instrument nearby, you could end up composing something out of this world, or maybe not.

Smell: Quintessential Kush, sweet, and pungent. It has a scent of pine, but it is a terrific smell overall, and this one can be identified easier from other OGs.
Taste: A light kush taste to it, and earthly. I can’t really describe it, since it is Kush but it is much more airy and rare.

Effects: Top Notch, clean! Nice and Smooth, full-body warmth that hits immediately but with a mellow impact; no paranoia here. It is almost transcendental. This unique bud is for the modern musician. It has you blasted with creativity and makes you want to play any instrument that is close at hand. I took a good few hits, and spent hours playing my guitar.

Potency: Pretty High, 5/5. The length is up to 2 hours and up. This bud is extremely rare, and I only have been able to find at a few places here in Los Angeles, California. The search is all worth it though.

  • Sold Quantity: 1 Oz |   4 Oz |   8 Oz |   16 Oz
  • Feelings: Relaxed – 71% |   Sleepy – 28% |   Euphoric – 49% |   Happy – 56% |   Uplifted – 37%
  • Help with: Stress – 37% |   Pain – 36% |   Insomnia – 21% |   Anxiety-28% |   Depression – 24%
  • Negatives: Dry mouth – 28% |   Dry eyes – 9% |   Dizzy – 6% |   Paranoid 4% |   Anxious 2%

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1 Oz, 4 Oz, 8 Oz, 16 Oz


Relaxed – 71%, Sleepy – 28%, Euphoric – 49%, Happy – 56%, Uplifted – 37%

Help with:

Stress – 37%, Pain – 36%, Insomnia – 21%, Anxiety-28%, Depression – 24%


Dry mouth – 28%, Dry eyes – 9%, Dizzy – 6%, Paranoid 4%, Anxious 2%